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Order of execution of Automation Rules

When configuring automation rules, the execution will run from the first rule to the last in that particular order. So when you have a rule to remove a subscriber from a list first, but only during the second rule the subscriber will be added to that same list, then the rule wont be executed in the same run.

For example below, “Photoshop Course Buyer” subscribers who are also subscribed to “My First List”, will not be included in the run from the second rule, since they are not added to the ‘Membership’ list yet.

However, the rule will be executed in the next run. If you want to prevent this, and run both the rules in the same run, then order the automation rules from ‘adding subscribes’ at the top, and then all the ‘remove subscriber’ automation rules at last.

At this moment, you won’t receive a warning when rules are conflicting, so you will have to check and control this yourself. Also, it’s not possible to ‘undo’ executions whenever a rule has run. So create your automation rules wisely!

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